Why KYC is a must-have process in online casinos

KYC is the first thing you need to do when you play online games. This process will be required every time you sign up for a website that allows you to play with real cash. You can play free on many websites, but you cannot play with real money until you register for Pretty Gaming.

Ever wondered what KYC is? And why everyone should follow it? Let’s learn more about KYC.

What is KYC?

KYC is short for Know Your Customer. This is an online registration process that allows you to deal with casinos and other stuff. They will always ask about any documentation that could prove your legal age. A verification casino may be able to provide you with a gaming area.

If a website offers you to play without age verification, then the site should face the serious consequences of legal action. This is why most websites do not allow anyone below 18 to be involved.

Why is this mandatory?

The website may ask you to provide original documentation for several reasons. These are some of the main reasons.

Compliance with Regulations

There are regulations in many countries that require casinos to verify the legal age of their customers. Verification is not only necessary to verify the age of the customer, but it can also prevent illegal activities. Verify that the casino is not being used for money laundering or any other illegal activity.

Fraud Prevention

People will offer to open new accounts to try to commit fraud at online casinos. Every online casino should ask for a KYC to prevent this. With the proper documentation, they can identify that you are creating a second account and prevent fraud. This helps prevent identity theft and other types of fraud.

Responsible gambling

KYC can help to prevent enraged players from gambling. It can also help them become more responsible. Online gambling sites can protect their users by registering and providing proper documentation. You won’t be able do anything out of anger with limited resources.

Promotions and Bonuses

Online websites offer the best deals and police services. You can still access bonuses and promotions if you have the right documentation. This rule was implemented because many people create fake IDs and use multiple accounts to obtain bonuses.


Online casinos use KYC to protect their customers and comply with all regulations. You only need to register on the site and provide the necessary documentation from your country. This will protect your personal data and provide security for the company.

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